It has struck my attention

It has struck my attention that people really need to update their blogs more often, i mean its all good to take a break for a while, you know have a siesta, a kip a little shut eye, power nap, even a short concussion, but thyis is ridicolous, its bloody ages. It really gets my goat when people dont update, its one of those things that makes me just want to punch someone in the head, you know get angry, show some aggression, let off some steam. speaking of steam , i like trains. the past week i have caught many many a train, and frankly i love em, you cansit down and move and read newspapers that tyou didnt have to pay for, its great, sometimes you even get to talk to the person next to you, “going far”…”nah just to hornsby, you?” ..Woy woy”…”fare enough” this is where the conversation normally stops but still thats a damn bit longer than any realtion ship i have ever had.
i have a train story.
today i was standing in the vestbul of an express train from strathfeild to hornsby, it was crowded we are talking 15 maybe 16 thousand people squashed into a space no bigger than a size 7 shoe box..the train was rocking along, we where all exchanging body heat, it was very romantic, i had a big guys hip in my bum, and a drunk guys elbow in my rib, anyway yhe train was plodging along the suddenly this written, disguisting, repulsive, smel wofted around the shoe box, some one had the ordasity to drop a reminder that he needed to poo, it was the most writtne fart i have ever smelt in a confined space, everyone was looking down and giving a dissaporrving look, except for this one guy in the vorner who was going red….the silly bastard had rumbles the back door of his body and caused a wipeout of the human race…..
on a scale of 1 – 10 that guyn would have a got a 10…it stunk…well done mate, you are an inspiration to the youth of today.

its good to see people updatying ther blogs regualry, you never know their might be another post in a few months.

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