Keep on training sydney

“The Great Cityrail Challenge”

What a night, A much smaller turn out than I had expected after a mass emailing of nearly everyone that tom and I know, but thats ok. We had a lot of fun.

We had 2 teams, a girls team consisting of Helen, Jo and jemma.
And a boys team consisting of Tom, Me, David and Julian. And whe where later joined be chris and ryan.

We left hornsby station at 7:20 and went our separate ways, travelling across the city on trains, meeting interesting people and seeing interesting sights. There was some battery problems with both teams digital cameras but still plenty of photos.

The full details of the event will be posted on a specially made website in the next week or so

What a great night, its amazing, I just had the idea late yesterday and sent out a mass email, then today it all came to life and really happened and was a lot of fun.

So cool.

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