Bite my Bum

Last night tom and I went down to the car to go up to Hornsby tp pick up my camera and have a coke with david. Tom got in his side of the car, I opened the passeneger door and sat down only on the impact of my bum with the seat, something bit my bum. It really hurt, it felt like I had just sat on a needle or something, or a killer wasp. I have no idea what it was but I jumped out of the car so damn fast, tom said I was close to tears. IT really hurt. There is a little lump now. It stung for about 20 minutes.
Stupid bug or what ever it was.

Anyway we met up with david, he was waiting for us in the mall and tom and I hid behind a pole and sprung him from behind with a kick in the bum.

Then we went to get a coke from sailor seafood and we where sitting there about to enjoy our coke and scallops, but our scallops where full of fish. Whats with that? I have never seen fish scallops before in my life..gross man real gross.

Lesley walked past and joined us, and I told lesley about the killer bug that got to bite my bum, then tom in a normal conversation style voice said “I’m jealous of the bug”

Want to bite my bum do you tom?

4 thoughts on “Bite my Bum

  1. It was funny. You had to be there. And as I explained on the night real scollops are different from potato scollops, hence the latter being called potato scollops. The vegetarian alternative? All I know is they’re both yummy. Thanks for the snack Howie.

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