Step Aside ben thurley, I have a new hero

This was in Spike on friday

Central to Campbelltown to Moss Vale to Albion Park, around the airport line several times, Newcastle to Scone and back again – you would only do it on a CityRail fare-free day.

Admitting he didn’t have anything more pressing to do, university student Christian Kent took advantage of yesterday’s free rail travel and spent almost 24 hours riding the CityRail network.

His goal was to travel more than 1070 kilometres in one day which, on his estimate, would have cost him $185.50 if he had to pay for all his tickets.

Kent was on track to reaching his target early in the morning, with most trains on time, but his plans had to be changed when he hit the airport line.

“The trains were dot on the minute but the trains on the airport line were all out of sequence and I had to change my plans a little,” he said.

It is not the first time Kent, who is adamant he is not a trainspotter, has made the most of free train travel. He covered more than 800 kilometres in 18 hours in 2000 during another CityRail fare-free day.

By Andrew Hornery with Joel Gibson
March 26, 2004

3 thoughts on “Step Aside ben thurley, I have a new hero

  1. Man. I’ll ride trains, I’ll hitch lifts with roadtrains, I’ll scale tall buildings. I’ll do whatever it takes. The one place in the world I have hero status (apart from the small, deluded part of the back of my brain!) and I lose it to a guy who spends all day on a drain!


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