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Last night jo appeared in Hornsby and tom and I where going to woollies so we met jo at woollies. That was fun then we came home. Jo and I watched enough rope on the ABC then it was time to take jo to the station. We walked up, hand in hand all romantic and the like. On arriving at the station it was apparent that jo would miss her bus from Chatswood, and to make matters worse it didn’t seem like there where any trains on the north shore, the indicator board seemed to be broken.
So jo and I began to walk down to platform one and I was going to wait with her until a train came, as there was no indication if how long it would be. All the ticket barriers where wide open (because it was after 11pm). And jo walked through and so did I then the drop out cops in their grey uniforms stopped jo and asked for her ticket then her concession card. Then they moved on to me, and said “were is your ticket” I told the man that I wasn’t travelling and just waiting with jo for her train. The man told me I couldn’t go past the barriers and that he was going to have to ask me to leave.
So jo suggested I buy a ticket so I could go and sit on the platform to say goodbye to her. Then decided to go to Chatswood with jo, so we went to buy a ticket to Chatswood for me. There was no ticket windows open and only one machine working, only the machine that was working said “correct change only”.
We didn’t have the right change, we had 10 cents too much in our coins so it wouldn’t give me a ticket, we tried and tried, then we went and asked the men in grey if they had change for a 20 cent coin cause of the dodgy cityrail ticket machine.
One of them hesitantly obliged us with two 10 cent coins. We went back to the machine and put the money in, The stupid machine kept cancelling the transaction. WE HAD THE RIGHT AMOUNT!
Then I thought, oh maybe its that stupid thing where it wont take more than 10 coins, but all in all we had 8 coins. And it was cancelling at around 5 coins. Time after time we kept trying, then I got fed up and hit the front of the machine with a bit of force. We put the money in and it gave me a ticket. As soon as I took my ticket out it said “correct change only”.
Its like cityrail was watching me and they where seeing how annoyed I could get at their bad service.

Anyway I have found out cityrails problem, not enough people are hitting them, when they are hit they work. Vandalism is the key to an efficient train service, it may sound outrageous But it worked.

Ok maybe it wont always working just being violent towards cityrail, but oh boy its satisfying.

3 thoughts on “more cityrail

  1. Oh how romantic – u waiting with jo at the platform.

    anyway – howie its was crap of those uniform guys 2 tell u 2 buy ticket.even if u dropping someone off.

    oh they probably did c everything u did at the ticket machine – cause there is a camera which records everything jst opposite the ticket counters, which probably rotates or takes certain areas & u could hv been recorded in one of them.

  2. i can understand that, but i mean – they came & checled on u = probably when they saw u in the camera maybe – u entering the platform or its there regular duties 2 check platforms at nite – when no one is there.

    2 ask u 2 show ur tickets

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