17 thoughts on “Price check Isle 3

  1. ahaha I feel like playing 6 degrees of separation, I’m the friend of Ian’s I was at your folks’ place this arvo. It was so funny when it clicked that Ian was talking about the same people I’d heard about earlier today when he mentioned some friends of his were newly engaged lol, so I’m gonna go find someone else to weird out now 🙂

  2. when can we check the security tape of woolies to confirm this big event, or did they do a announcment on there radio.

    please the mobile phone biscuts guy in aisle 3 step away from biscuts and ask the girl to marry or

    couple in aisle 3 stop searching for biscuits on one knees and both say yes – i’ll marry u and congratulations 2 u both and the biscuits are on special 2 for 1.


  3. hehehe.. in true howie style or course 😛
    how random our computer breaks down for like a week and when i finally come back on… all this stuff has happened that i’ve missed out on!! argghghghghg….
    can u post the story of the proposal? this isle 3 business sounds interesting 🙂

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