Pastor Howie – World renowned international speaker

Here I am 2 and a half hours into writting my first ever sermon.

Which i will share with some kenyan peoples in just over a week.


on maybe now is a good time to fill people in on what tom and I are doing in Kenya, I know some people are wondering and i havent really said.

Well we are going over to Kenya, to a town called Kitale which is in the west of Kenya towards the Ugandan border. Tom was invited by a Pastor over there to come and speak at his church so tom said ok and then asked me if i wanted to come. Not really knowing what i would do we decided that i could share the speaking duties with tom as the paster wanted 12 sermons in 5 days or something like that. So at this stage i’m doing 4 talks and tom is doing 8 but oine of the joys of africa is that all of this could change with no notice.

so there you go, Toms helping me with the sermons and i’m changing my underpants every few minutes.


One thought on “Pastor Howie – World renowned international speaker

  1. I’m impressed that you’re writing them now and not on the plane ride over.

    But you will seriously be fine. and it’s cool coz you’re an international preacher. there’s no pressure.. not intentional pressure anyhow. .


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