how sweet the sound

wife and i got a free pas to see ‘amazing grace’ so today we did.


It was ok, not the most fantastic film i have ever seen. I find it hard to get into movies set so far in the past. I’m just not much of a period piece person.

This is the sort of film that if you are a Christian you are probably supposed to be really moved by it, the inspiring William Wilberforce standing up to injustice and fighting to abolish slavery at the same time battling with himself and eventually overcoming his self doubt and triumphing.

Its a great story, and because of him slavery was abolished. But i didnt really feel moved or inspired by it. and if a films story doesnt grab me i find myself just disecting the other atributes of the film, the camera angles the sound the acting.

It wasnt a bad film, just not a howie film. you may love it.


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