beep beep beep

For about the last 2 years and much more frequent in the last few months, I make those security things at the doors to shops beep.

Its weird cause it doesnt happen in every shop. sometimes its just when i walk in. and sometimes its the bad one, only when i walk out.

I havent done any shop lifting i promise. Its annoying though. often i warn the shop assistants that i’m going to beep on the way out. I’m sure sometimes they think i’m shifty.

maybe when i had the camera up the bum they left a barcode inside me or something.

One thought on “beep beep beep

  1. Sometimes it can be a phone (maybe it is Soul causing you grief again) or a some sorts of office pass that can set them off. One guy I knew swore he had a very powerful personal magnetic force which did it. He was a bit odd though.

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