easy like a tuesday morning

showered, fed, now i can begin packing.

Tom and I are off to save the world later today. Most people think we are heading abroad to go and spread the good news in Kenya. Well we are doing that, but the main reason we are going is we are being deported by AFP, DFAT and anyone else who works for the government. you see up until sunday afternoon i had a pretty thick beard, which is ground for deportation, and tom well he knows me so he has to go for being associated with a man with a beard.

if becasue of this blog post i’m not allowed back into the country can someone please mow the lawn for my wife in a few weeks.

One thought on “easy like a tuesday morning

  1. lucks and funs and things. probably won’t get this til after the fact but the thought was there. mr international speaker.. woot.

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