I’m disabled and not as popular

Since Tom’s ego boost from the general public he now has more comments than me on his blog, So it’s time you banded together and helped the poor little guy with a disability. You can’t say no to commenting on a disabled persons blog.

Say “G’day”, tell me your favourite quote, write a recipe, gossip about me, get me at least 14 more comments and you’ll save me from having to go through my archives and comment on long dead conversations. Plus if you meet me in person I’ll even let you get your photo taken with me. I’m a man of the people.

Oh and don’t comment on Tom’s blog for a while, just so I can get ahead.

7 thoughts on “I’m disabled and not as popular

  1. As if! Disabled people have to learn to get by on their own. We can’t keep giving you folk hand outs, you’ll become dependant and never be able to look after yourself. Comment on your own blog.

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