baby shower

I know everyone is waiting for baby news. no baby yet but thanks for all the sms’s and calls wondering if we are parents yet.

I thought I would take this oppertunity to let all our buddies know that we really don’t need any gifts for us or the baby. We have all we need and more thanks to many generous donations and super generous parentals. I know when these sort of evenst come along its default to go and buy a soft toy or some gift.

While to many people jenny and I seem poor and in need of charity, i guess compared to the ‘norm’ we are but we really have all we need. We are going to a great hospital with great staff. We will come home to our comfy house full of all we need. But millions of babies are not brought in to such conditions. If you feel you need to buy a gift maybe you could consider supplying a birth attendant or training locals in dveloping nations to deliver babies in safe clean conditions. There is no pressue but if you feel the need to part with your money to buy us a gift this would be high on our list of needs. ensuring the gift of life is a gift that not just rich westerners recieve.


3 thoughts on “baby shower

  1. Good on you guys! I love it that there will be a new baby in the Forbes St cottage. Hopefully we will meet him/her when we come down over Xams.

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