While they sleep


We have season 1 of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ in our house on loan from Jess. I’m not really sure why. Tom has slowly been working through it. I had never even heard of it. I decided the other day to watch an episode while Oscar and Jenny where napping. That was a few days ago. I just finished disc 4 tonight. I dont know what is is, but i’m still watching it, it’s not my sort of tv show at all. It’s all about relationships. there is no slapstick comedy, there isn’t even any swearing or things blowing up. But i keep watching. I’m turning into a soppy woman.

The next thing you know i’ll be going through Jenny’s entire collection of ‘friends’ and then i’ll spend my christmas money on the Oprah box set and a pair of Dawsons Creek silky pyjamas.

6 thoughts on “While they sleep

  1. I agree with Jess. And Tom you won’t have a life soon so you can watch it all then. Although you were going to lend it to me (as long as that’s alright with Jess).

  2. i’ve got those silk pyjamas! haha not.
    b&s’s is a tops show. no shame in it. i have 4 siblings… just like the show. i reckkon if i made an asian version of B&S there would be slapstick. would you watch it then?

  3. Hahaha Van I would watch that, especially if it was all done in chinglish.

    I finished season 1 last night. And I asked Jess for season 2. I’m a ew man.

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