hitting the roids

So I went to the doctor today and only had to wait 1 hour. It reall was a ‘waiting’ room today.

My Asthma has been having a party the last few weeks and becasue of my lack of caring I have just let it. I have been taking my daily preventative medication but the old ‘if you have a wheeze’ puffer ran out a while ago so I’ve had a constant wheeze for the last week or so.

This gets on jenny’s nerves, she thinks i’m going to die. I think it’s kind of cool I could end up like the penguin in toy story. But becasue I love my wife and I’m totally under thunb I went to the doctor. He measured things and listened to things then decided it was time for some hardcore astham steroids as well as 2 differnet puffers.

So for the next 9 days i’m going to be on the roids, I’m pretty sure they will make me buff and by mid next week i’ll start looking like Rambo. they may help my lungs too.

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