text dog

This morning I was working away upstairs at my desk. Then my phone beeped.

“hey r u coming to this meeting every1 is waiting”

The alarm bells went off in head, what meeting what have I missed. I opened up Ical just to double check, no meetings booked in for today. I thought maybe i had tomorrows meeting in the wrong date. So i opened up mail and found that it is tomorrow.

So i replied to the text asking what meting and who they where. a few messages where sent back and forth, I was getting more and more confused. The person seemed quite upset that i had neglected to remember the meeting.

I  was going a bit crazy. I tried calling the number but got an optus recorded message saying the number did not recieve calls.

Eventually i decided to ring my boss, but as i was i got another message. It was Tom dogging me from downstairs, sending messages from his computer. He got me a beauty.

So it was time to pass on the love to someone else. Noob was the new target. Tom and I got to work.

We sent some messages pretending do be a sms flirting service,$5.95 a ,message.noob never replied so we kept sending them, we then took it to a new level and asked b to pretend he got the messages today too and twittered about it. I twittered too pretending i got sent the same text. Just to make it seem a bit more real.

Anyway in the end i just sent one calling him a noob becasue it was dragging on and he wasn’t replying but we are pretty sure it was working, then noob sent this “Can’t believe i freaking fell for it. So bloody naive!!”

mission accomplished.

Next is David, receiving a text from someone who found his number in a university toilet.

This one is still waiting for david to reply, although he has twitered about it.

dogging is back.

Update: David is in the know “you have too much time on your hands”

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