slow and steady

I’m no graphic genius but I do like to fiddle and create things. At the moment I’m working on a flyer for a work conference. In the old days I used corel and got quite good at using it, but now I have CS4 and having never used Adobe stuff before it is all a bit daunting. I know its super powerful amazing software but I feel like the world’s biggest novice. It’s like learning a new language without going to language school. you just pick stuff up by trial and error.


Anyway I think i’m starting to grasp Indesign and illistrator but photoshop and dreamweaver are still a long way off. I have opened dreamweaver a few times and then closed it quite quickly after realising I don’t know anything apart from very simple html.

I’ll get there eventually. It took me 5 years to be Mr Corel.

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