those youths and their rocks

I went in to the office late this afternoon to do some printing, get my laptop and grab some flyers.

I got back to Central just in time to get the 5pm express home. I got a seat next to a business man and near some load girls whoe had just been to NZ on a skiing trip.

The train chugged along like normal, then suddenly there was a loud bang and a smash. The window in front of mine was hit with a big rock, it shattered the ourside pane of glass and broke a hole in the second one. There was some shouting and a few swear words. It was pretty crazy, a bit more force and the lady in front of me would have a different shaped head right now.

After letting out a few more naughty words she called the cops on her mobile.

It was as we where going past the brickpit skate park. But the Lady didnt tell the cops that.

When the train pulled in to Hornsby I went and found a cityrail worker, he was standing there with his flag, I told him what happened and he asked which carriage, So I pointed at the window. He then said “ok” and put his flag up so the train could leave, he wasn’t the slightest bit interested. I would have thought a rock smashing a window would be a serious deal.

I then decided to call the cops myself and tell them that i was on the train and that the rock was thrown from the skate park.

that is all.

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