turtle compound, blood and a solar shower

Yesterday I did some things.

We are supposed to take our turtles out in the real sunlight a few times a week, they have UV lights above their tank but real sun is better. We are pretty slack at doing it becasue it’s a bit of effort and the little buggers are really fast so we can’t just let them roam the front yard.

They used to have a nice little set up but they worked out how to climb over the fence.

So I decided to build something a little more substantial.

I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to handyman stuff, which is good because I’m not very good at it. I kind of just make it all up as I go and try to avoid using things like tape measures and accuracy. This time the end result is not too shabby.

Although I did manage to squeeze my finger in some pliers resulting in a massive blood blister which a few minutes later I accidentally ripped open with a screwdriver.

It really hurt, and still does.

Plus I have blood all over one of my screwdrivers.

Anyway eventually I finished it.

One of the other things I did yesterday was use a camp solar shower. Our hot water is heated by a natural gas ‘instant hot water’ system which is quite energy efficient, but it still does require the burning of the gas. I got a solar camp shower the other day for a ridiculously cheap price so wanted to test it out. I filled the bag with water, left it in the sun for a few hours then took it inside for a shower.

The water was warm, the flow was quite weak but I was able to have a shower and clean myself. I’m not planning on using it every day but I reckon in summer it won’t be hard to use it at all and I can shower happily knowing I’m using much less water and no dodgy fuel.

I’m pretty much captain planet.

Today the turtles used their new outdoor digs, I’m pretty sure they liked it although they never talk to me anymore.

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