The Poo Party

By Kylie Orr

You are a big kid now
Learning to poo
On the potty, the big toilet
Or some call it a Loo

I have a special secret to share
It’s about a great party
Everyone’s poo will be there.

You see, when you do poo on the loo
It goes down a slide, yelling “woohoo!”

And under the house is where the poo meets
Mum’s poo, Dad’s poo and even brother, Pete’s!

They all get together, play games and sing songs
There’s hats and balloons and before long
Another poo comes sliding down the S-bend
To join in the fun with all of its friends.

But this tale has another side
Some poo will miss out on the ride.
If you do poo in your pants
That poo won’t get a chance
To dance at the poo party under the house

There’ll be no fun with all the other poos
It will be sad and lost and won’t know what to do.

So next time you feel the need
When there’s poos coming
Or maybe just wees,
Think of your poo and where it should go
In your pants? Or down the loo and below?

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