Birth search progress

I just got an email from Birthlink in Scotland, they have finished searching for my birth mother. They had originally told me that there was a 4 month waiting period before they would begin the search due to a backlog and that the search itself could take another 4 months.

It was about 4 months ago that I sent off all the paper work so this speedy search can mean 2 things I think.

  • She has passed away
  • She was registered with birthlink so when they began my search there was an instant match.

(Under Scottish law a birth mother has no right of contact to adopted out children, but they can register themselves so that if their is a search conducted by someone like me there is an almost instant match)

But It’s hard to know which option it will be, I have to wait for snail mail from birthlink.

And being a scottish agency there is no way in hell they would have paid for a fast mail service.

Oh and it’s all a bit weird.


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