back to birth search over.

Got my letter this morning from Scotland.

I now have quite a lot of details about my birth mother and her family, It would seem I have a half brother born 5 years after me.

The letter included all sorts of documents including birth certificates of other relatives, marriage certificates, death information etc.

There is no information regarding my birth father.

The latest info they have on my birth mother is from 2010 and no record in Scotland of death or a remarriage so that would suggest she is still alive.

The searching agency has recommended I don’t attempt to make any contact until after Christmas as this can already be an emotional time of year for people, and there is no way of knowing if me contacting would open a big can of worms as family members may not even know of my existence.

Anyway all the searching is done.


Hopefully I’ll be off to Scotland sometime to actually meet these people but my birth mother also has the right to refuse contact. So This may be the end of the journey…who knows.


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        • ha, at first they don’t reveal my full identity, no name etc. Just a short bio, height, married, etc etc. I think it’s going to be a long process. I guess it could be quite weird getting a letter or call saying there is a guy who you gave birth to 29 years ago wanting to contact you…

  1. But if her details were there, doesn’t that mean she gave them to the company so you could one day find her? Also, what’s your brother’s first name?

  2. I would have thought that Christmas time is as good a time as any to advise a woman that her child is alive and well. I am not an expert in these matters, but I venture to say that for the past 29 years your birth-mother was wondering about little Kevin and wished she would still have him. How did he go these past 29 years? Is he educated and healthy? Etc. etc.
    Now that you have a boy yourself, imagine if, God forbid he would be lost to you, how much you would be thinking about him. Thus it is exactly at Christmas that this poor lady in Scotland would receive a wonderful present knowing that her son is well, even if sometimes he acts a bit of a nut with another boy like Tom, who is your ersatz brother!
    Remember that you were given up not because you were not wanted, but because even in the 1980s, stupidity and false religious morality, especially in Scotland, forced this lady to give up a child, an act she is probably regretting ever since.
    If the day they contact her with the news that little Kev is alive and well will be 12th January, they are punishing her with those extra days between now and then.

    • I think it’s because other family members may have no idea I was ever born. The rumour is that she tried to hide the pregnancy, thus my awesome eye problems etc. So springing something on the family at Christmas may be too much. They will drip feed information about me from January 12 to her. Starting with non identifying information. Remembering she has the the right to refuse contact still.

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