I went to QLD

I went to Queensland last weekend.
Jenny went to Adelaide and Oscar stayed with inlaws.

I have quite a lot of frequent flyer points with Virgin, well I had a lot of them until I used them all to go to QLD last weekend. I went up and back on Virgin’s new domestic Business class which was pretty fun. It does however mean I now only have 185 points.

I have never ever been upgraded on a flight so it was all new and fun for me, the express check in, the lounge access, fast boarding and comfy seats with good food.

I booked the tickets a while ago and when i booked them they were for premium economy not business class but since booking them virgin got rid of their premium economy on most planes and replaced it with business so my tickets became business.

On the way up I sat in 1F and was called “Mr Howie” a lot.

During the flight I got to finally give my awesome noise cancelling headphones a properĀ  run. (I bought the headphones using frequent flyer points about 6 months ago)

They were awesome.

And when I got off the plane my bag was the first onto the baggage carousel.

I caught a train straight from the Airport down to the Gold Coast to hang out with my buddy Bowen for a few nights.

We pretty much just sat around eating chicken burgers and chatting, it was great to do nothing and kind of fun to do nothing interstate. Just chill.


On the second night with Bowen we walked to 7eleven and I finally got to have a Lemon Lime and Bitters Slurpee, it was damn exciting, so exciting that whilst taking the blury photo I made the whole cup overflow with slurpee goodness and spend a good few minutes licking the outside of my cup before I could walk over to the counter.

Then next morning I trained it back up to Brisvegas and had some lunch, listened to a cool blueegrass / folk band in the mall and then headed for my hotel which was booked using a wotif voucher I got at Christmas.

It was pretty swanky, I was on the 25th floor.

I spent a couple of hours working on outlines for my talks for the camp I’m speaking on next week.
Then I put my boardies on and went down to the pool, but on arrival at the pool I noticed that no one was in the water but there was heaps of very brown older people laying on lounges around it. So I went back to my room and had a nap.

I thought maybe because I was sooo hot and was too pansy to show off my super white skin in the pool area that I would have a shower.
It was one of those showers that just has one tap for both hot and cold and you turn it to either side to adjust the temp.

I turned the water on in the position it was already in (which was extremely hot) and then when I went to turn it down the tap came off in my hand.

It took me a long time to get it back on because I had to put my hand through the boiling water and be able to hold it there long enough to reattach the tap.

But thanks to my mad skillz, I did it eventually.

I also got to have dinner with my buddy Jesse, he took me to a pancake place in an old church. It was pretty good food.


After Jesse left and I had a phone conversation with the wife I went for a long walk across to south bank and around the city.

there was drunk people swimming, couples kissing and lots of pretty lights. I had a good time until i had the poo urge and realised how fricken far it was back to the hotel. And as you are a probably aware I can’t drop a load just any old toilet.

It was a brisk walk back to say the least.

The next morning I checked out, trained it back to the Airport then flew home. This time in 1A.

The business class flights and Hotel total was $47, a pretty good holiday for $47.



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