Why I love youtube, but hate spoken word videos.

I’m getting pretty sick of people sending me or people filling my Facebook feed etc with the ‘Why I hate religion, but love Jesus’ video.

I’m not a fan of spoken word, and while this video is nicely shot and uses emotive colours and music the constant battle to make sentences rhyme drives me batty. I think I pretty much agree with content but it would be much less wanky if it didn’t all rhyme.

There is a nice quote from Ghandi “I like your Christ but I don’t like your Christians”.

I think i’m pretty similar.

Well now a Catholic priest and some video geeks have made a response video.

I can’t help but spend the whole time staring at the massive marble alter and over the top architecture in this video while he tries to justify religion.


3 thoughts on “Why I love youtube, but hate spoken word videos.

  1. I like the priest. People who claim to love Jesus but hate religion forget that their faith is a product of a long religious tradition: beginning with Judaism and continuing through Jesus, his followers and the Christian theologians. The church is more a part of who we are than we often like to think.

    • I like them both. But the priest seems to be a little more thought out.

      I read one guys review of the top video and he was suggesting that Jesus doesn’t hate religion just self-righteous religion. I’m happy with that.

      The guy in the video then wrote to the reviewer and thanked him for his comments and admitted that he probably didn’t say things as well as he would have liked. So it was a nice exchange.

      As for spoken word videos, I don’t have a problem with them. I’m happy to stop watching when I get bored.

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