lady gaga nude

In the past month my blog has gone from an average of 100 visitors a day to the current daily average of 36.52.

I don’t log in to the visitor stats very often anymore, and after today’s report not sure I want to log in again.

I’m not going to stop blogging, this blog is about the only thing I read fully so if I stopped my own blog what would I read? other people’s blogs???? nah!

I need to put up more photos, I need to take more photos. Jenny is always whinging at me for not using my camera enough so I will. How about at least once a week I’ll blog some photos form that week.

And more poo related stories, I know people love them.

In a win win for everyone it turns out the last photo taken on my camera is of me sitting on the toilet…..nothing suss. Tom took it of me while we were filming a promo…I’ll stop talking.

Howie on the dunny

 *UPDATE – Turns out it wasn’t tom but actually Jenny. Less suss? Or more suss because I couldn’t recall which of my 2 wives was photographing me on the bog???


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