unnecessary rant

In the scheme of things this post isn’t going to change the world and is really just going to waste your time. I need to vent somewhere but the wife, son and turtles are all asleep so the blog is it.

On Wednesday I ordered something online, delivery would normally have been the next day but because Thursday was Straya Day I would have to wait until today.

Excited about my parcel arriving today I logged on to the parcel tracking to see where it was.

Ripper it was on board with the driver at 7:12am and would be delivered by 5pm.

Later in the morning I received an sms saying my parcel would be delivered today.

I didn’t leave the house for pretty much the whole day. (not because of the parcel just because my life is that exciting). I did go out for a bit in the afternoon to buy an onion and some tomatoes but Jenny was home when I wasn’t here.

At 5pm there was still no sign of the parcel.

I logged back into the tracking to see what it said.

Same as before, so maybe the courier is just having a busy day and is running late.

Then resigned to the fact that my parcel was not going to arrive I looked up how to find out about the whereabouts of my parcel that would be delivered by 5pm.

Both the company I purchased from and the courier company where closed for the weekend and I should call on Monday.

A few minutes ago I thought I would check the tracking just one last time.

It had been updated!!!!!

“Card left Not Home (private)…….What?????? There was someone here all day, where I sit I can look out the window at our driveway…

I went out in the rain to look for this ‘card left’. there is no card near our front door, on our verandah or in the letterbox.

so my parcel was returned and now there is the lovely message ‘closed for holidays’.


Oh, just saw one of the turtles is awake so gonna go rant to them now.

That’s better.

6 thoughts on “unnecessary rant

  1. How annoying. Didn’t know TNT could jump through time and space to lodge the Closed for Holidays comment. Perhaps they had the wrong delivery address???

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