oppps you bwoke it.

I got another warning email today from my hosting about excessive CPU usage on the server for my site.

So I have disabled many WP plugins , installed a super cache thingy and switched themes for a bit. I’m waiting for a response from the tech support of my host, but it could be my server has been hacked or something.

The below is from everyone’s favourite Homestar Runner and Strong Bad.

OOPS! You bwoke it.

The requested URL was not found.

We’re sorry, you did something wrong.

Some possible reasons for this error are listed below:

  • The page you have requested no longer exists.
  • You have your head up your stupid, ugly butt.
  • The page you have requested has been moved.
  • Your crappy computer is full of crap, crap, and more crap.
  • The web site you are trying to reach no longer exists.
  • Homestar is a stupid crap for brains webmaster.

I Hope to have it all fixed soon.



4 thoughts on “oppps you bwoke it.

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  2. For the purposes off secure setups & other super useful tips I can suggest tentblogger.com especially the blog series on setting up a WP powered blog! Some of the secure setup suggestions are designed to avert blog bloating due to hacking/ bot activity.

    For the purposes of hosting providers that don’t cost the earth & don’t suck I can recommend Dreamhost – unfortunately based on price & service I haven’t found an equivalent Aussie based host (I have a discount code for Dreamhost signal if you want to consider a host change).

    • Thanks Taryn, I’ve been using WordPress for about 8 years so I’m pretty on top of all it can do.

      My WP has not been hacked and my hosting is great. I use webcity and am very happy with them.

      Seems my high server CPU usage was just from a plugin I wasn’t even using.

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