Somewhere rant

I started writing this post on the verandah but have since moved to an outside toilet, as that is where the internet signal is strongest, and the roof doesn’t leak in here.

A couple of years ago for Christmas, or fathers day or a birthday or something else significant I gave my father the present of ‘A holiday with your son”.

My Dad works hard in his little shop and needs a good break. So it was finally arranged, and thankfully convincing him that he needed to pay for his own present seemed to go down well.

I asked if it was ok to book everything as a surprise, and my parents thought that was a good idea and let me loose with their monies.

So after a few years of waiting my Dad and I are somewhere else on a holiday.

The only info I gave him was his train ticket from Armidale to our place, which he caught yesterday.

On arriving at our place Oscar handed him an envelope which revealed more details of his trip away. “Your holiday is to: Perth, Fremantle & Rottnest Island”

He seemed chuffed which is good because it was too bloody late to change anything.

After spending some time with a feverish Oscar and some dinner the two of us headed off to the Formule 1 motel at Mascot Airport. You can tell this trip is going to a posh with with a start in the upmarket Formule 1.

The train trip into the city was uneventful, the only thing that happened was me remembering the stuff I had forgotten to pack.

As established above this is one posh trip so we got off that train at Mascot instead of the Domestic Terminal as it would save us $10 each. (downside is the 1km walk dragging our suitcases). We dragged our suitcases through the bowels of Mascot and eventually popped up at the F1 in all it’s glory.

checking in it was revealed we had booked a roo with a double bed and a bunk, sounds fine but the bunk is for kids and only 4 foot long. Thankfully the man was kind enough to ‘upgrade’ us to a twin room. (Not actually sure the F1 is capable of an upgrade).

the room was as expected, we had a view of the carpark, no avenues for fresh air to enter the room and the bathroom was conveniently located in a cupboard beside the bed.

The blind on the window looked like it would be super cooper. I love pitch black rooms because as soon as light creeps in I generally wake up. This bling blocked out the light totally.Well until 2am, 3am and once more when it opened itself. And woke me up each time.

Oh yeah and the lady in the room next to us tripped the power on our whole floor when we where trying to watch Graham Norton…

The sleep was terrible, not just because of the self opening blind but because it was just terrible.

Around 6am we head down to the ‘buffet’ breakfast that had a choice of 3 different cereals, and bread. I had some toast, then managed to spill a full cup of orange juice all over the buffet table. The man at reception kindly donated a cloth, but a cloth could not contain the orange flood I had brought on. I used up a months supply of paper napkins to build a table levy, the levy held quite well and the clean up operation went smoothly. I poured myself another cup of orange juice and enjoyed it.

A bit before 7 we walked to the airport and checked in, went through security then boarded our plane.

Earlier in the week I logged in to our flight booking to choose our seats from their diagram of the plane. I picked what i thought would be super seats, close to the front, window etc.

they where near the front of the plane, but we had the only seat on the plane that didn’t have a window, the row in front had a window, the row behind had one, we had a figgen wall!.

So the normal joys of take off and landing where replaced with wallpaper.

There was an entertainment system which included a forward facing camera, but of course my screen didn’t work properly.

I have never watched an episode of Glee before, I thought I would see what the fuss is about. It was TERRIBLE!!! never again.

Once we got to Perth we grabbed a cab to the city with a taxi driver who had the gift of red lights, always a joy when you watch the meter ticking over.

We had some lunch then caught the train to Freo.

We made it to our accomidation, a hippy house in South Freo that is solar powered, tank water, outside funny etc. It’s pretty quirky and cool. nothing in the house matches. On arrival we discovered to major flaws. The first being the internet is not working, the second being no power points work.

The land lady came up and fixed the power and let us know the internet is strongest on the back verandah, which is where I intended to write this post but it’s raining and the roof leaks, so I moved to the outside dunny.

Cheese sandwiches for dinner and tunes playing in the background.

While things didn’t really all go to plan and this quirky house is bloody weird, we are having a good time so far.

time to flush and publish this post.

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