delayed r-ant

Oh crap, I forgot to do a post on Sunday. Poor B would have had nothing to read. I should not deprive my one reader of his weekly post.

On Sunday I returned home from my week away in WA. So yesterday was family day.

We decided to head to Bobbin Head. (if you are interested in what we did as a family then you can read the wife’s blog, I’m only going to talk about myself, which is a skill I picked up from Tom).

Oscar was happily playing in the playground whilst the wife and I sat on the outside of the fence enjoying the sun and occasionally losing sight of the boy.

Jenny for some reason thought it might be a good idea to enter the fenced land of children and interact with the son and maybe push him on the swing.

I remained on the rug and laid down for a little and much deserved nap.

My nap was interrupted by two sharp pricks behind my knee followed by a rather large amount of pain.I quickly sat up and flicked off the little prick that pricked me and rocked back and forth for a while in pain.

Having the eyes that I have I wasn’t exactly sure what attacked me but on closer inspection of the rug there was a bunch of MASSIVE ants with green heads. Turns out there is an ant called the Green head ant. You can read about this little monster here. Rhytidoponera metallica.

One thing it says in this wiki page is that the pain generally lasts from 5 minutes to two hours. IT’S BEEN A DAY AND A HALF and it still friggen hurts….a lot.

Also you can tell it’s a pretty hardcore Ant when you read it seems to have legally changed it’s surname to Metallica!

I’ve taken Phenergan and Telfast in the last 24 hours, and it still looks like this.

Jenny reckons I should see a doctor, settle down Jenny, I was bitten by an ant not an Alsatian…sheeesh. What am i some kind of pansy?





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