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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a business networking breakfast hosted by Fairtrade Australia & NZ. As part of Fair Trade Fortnight (which is May 5 – 20).

It was at Customs House in Circular Quay which I have never been to before. It has the coolest 3D model of Sydney ever. You walk over it as it’s under the glass floor in the lobby.

Anyway it was a nice morning, There were people there representing major corporations like Woolworths and Cadbury, and there was me a little market stall holder.

It was a ‘stand up’ breakfast, which when I first read that I thought it was some kind of advocacy statement and we would eat breakfast standing up for the poor. Turns out they just didn’t have chairs.

The keynote speaker was Craig Foster, Former Soccaroo and SBS Commentator, sports analyst etc.

I’m not a huge fan of soccer, in fact I don’t really like it at all but I have loved Craig for many years. He has the best head of grey hair of anybody in the world. I have wanted grey hair forever, I think it’s the bomb. So potentially meeting my grey haired idol was pretty exciting.

Turns out I did meet him, and Grant who I with gladly brought up my grey hair drooling of Craig, which at first I was a little shocked by but Craig enjoyed it, He told me the grey hair was good but he worries about his grey eye brows.

It was great to hear about the growth of fair trade sales in Australia and the expansion of the range of products available.

One company that caught my eye at the breakfast was ‘Nudie Jeans Co‘. not all their range is fair trade,  but they are on the way. All their stuff is organic already. Check them out. They have some stores in Aus.

Buy Fair Trade – Good Things Will Happen !!!!!


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