turd burger

On Friday after coming home from the lovely fair trade breakfast mentioned in the last post I logged in to internet banking to pay our rent.

As I was scrolling through I noticed two odd purchases. I love internet shopping and a lot of the stuff that Jenny and I have has been bought online and some times strange thingsd appear on my statements but then we realise it’s something we have bought and the place just has weird trading names. But this time there was two pending transactions from places I have never heard of. I did some googling to see if I could find out what they were. Turns out I have had some work done on my car in the USA at a place with car technicians, and I have also applied for a visa online through third party website that helps people apply for visas and passports, also in the US.

What kind of idiot uses stolen credit card details to pay for a passport / visa ?????

anyway I called my bank and they agreed that these transactions were probably not made by me, but as they are pending they couldn’t look into it deeper until the money has actually been withdrawn from my account. (Which can be up to 8 days after the card authoraisation).

The canceled my card so no further dodgy things can happen. But that is very sad. I’ve had the same card number since Visa Debit cards came into being. It’s my number and now it’s gone. Jerks.

Anyway with a canceled card it means I don’t have easy access to my account until the new one is sent in a few days. Which isn’t a big hassle as we still have Jenny’s account but actually it turns it it is friggen annoying.

Yesterday Jenny was having a day off so Oscar and I decided to get the train to Brooklyn and hang out down there for a while, have lunch, play in the park etc.
We went up to the station and I had enough cash for the ticket but that’s about it.

In Brooklyn we headed straight for the playground and Oscar and I played for a quite a while before needing some lunch.

First stop was the takeaway that we like the most. I ordered a burger each and some chips and a drink then when I produced my card the man said he couldn’t find his eftpos machine.

A little bemused I asked where the nearest ATM was and he directed me to the pub. Oscar and I headed off to the pub and low and behold there was the ATM. I put in the card for jenny’s account and the machine rejected it I tired again and again and again. I guess the ATM doesn’t like ANZ. We then went to the general store where the man said I could get cash out if I spent $10. I didn’t really want to do that so he suggested we try the post office.

I went to the post office and asked if I could withdraw some cash monies, the man then asked what type of card I wanted to use, I said ANZ to which he replied. Sorry ANZ doesn’t let you withdraw cash at the post office. Sp back to the general store we went while our burgers would have been well and truly cooked by now and OScar spent the whole time asking questions like “why didn’t the ATM work? Can we get some money now? Why can’t we get money at the post office? etc etc etc.

The man in the general store on our return made a new deal and said we could withdraw some cash for $1.50. So he got $1.50 and we went to pick up our luke warm burgers.

We got our burgers, sat down and Oscar said “I don’t want a burger”

This post was written on Sunday intended to be a Sunday rant but we have had no friggen internet for 3 days!!!!!!

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