A Kiwi, An Aussie and a Guitar walk into a bar.

On Monday the 28th May I’m going to Wellington, New Zealand.

At an undisclosed place and time in the following days I will be meeting Bret McKenzie for a cuppa. (I say undisclosed, but really I know exactly where and when, but you don’t.)

Bret and I will laugh and chat and he will say “Oh Howie, this is great just hanging out, here have a guitar signed by me and Jermaine”.

About 2 weeks ago I saw a link on twitter for an online charity auction to meet up with Bret.

I clicked the link and noticed the auction website (TradeMe) allowed bidders from NZ & Australia.

The current bid was $1510 NZD so I made a bid for $1520. with over a week til the auction ended I knew it wouldn’t last and was just a silly thing probably so I felt I was part of it.

After leading the bid for a few days I decided to tell Jenny that I may have bid on an Oxfam charity auction and that my bid was leading.

I think her response was something like “you idiot, you won’t win”.

Well I did. With a few extra bids placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction.

So I’m off to meet Bret.

I’m excited and a bit nervous too, I don’t want to be all shy and noobish, and don’t want it to be all awkward. Maybe he’ll give me a job.

I’m partly nervous because he is really funny, and I really really really like the stuff he does and that is a bit daunting, also people often say I’m funny, and see myself as a funny(ish) guy but nothing compared to him sheesh.

Yesterday the NZ Herald interviewed me and today they put it online.

you can read the article by clicking the picture.


5 thoughts on “A Kiwi, An Aussie and a Guitar walk into a bar.

  1. You’ll have a choice time bro. I hope he gives you a job too. Then I will have another reason to visit NZ and a place to stay!

  2. I would be very jealous, because Bret is awesome, but I really would have nothing funny at all to say so better you than me. I hope it is really fun (make sure you don’t forget to blog about it). Good luck on the job front.

  3. My standard practice when meeting any vaguely famous person is to attempt to make a “funny” comment, mis-speak, offend them/look like a complete tool.

    So pretty much what I do with any non-famous people I speak with…

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