toe jam and chips!

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Turns out I’m not very good at writing my Sunday rants in time for posting on Sundays.

Oh well, Sorry B.

This morning I was playing around with Oscar, we were using a mouse pad like a frisbee and throwing it at each others heads across the room. It was good fun, but like all good fun it stops being fun when someone gets hurt. Well it stops being fun for the injured and suddenly becomes more fun for those who did not get hurt.

I ran up the stairs very quickly, I was only wearing socks. Actually I probably should clarify that before you call DOCS. I was only wearing socks on my feet. So it was a tad slippery as I dashed up the stairs.

So of course I slipped and stacked it a little on the steps. I hurt my toes quite a lot. there were all stinging for several minutes. After the initial shock pain one toe remained very sore.

Whilst this was happening Jenny burst out laughing (supportive wife 101). I was crunched in a ball on the stairs saying things like “this really hurts quite a lot”. Jenny kept laughing, every now and then pausing to say “are you ok” before resuming laughing again.

thankfully the son cared, Oscar came up and gave me a hug and told me I would be ok. He also kissed my toes.

Not long later we headed for the shops, I slipped my sore toe foot into a shoe. It hurt, I hobbled up the hill, it hurt. I hobbled through the library and shops. It hurt.

We went to get some lunch, due to my sore toes, I deserved chicken burger. So I went to Oporto and ordered a meal, waited for it and returned to the table with wife and son.

On opening the burger wrapped I discovered they gave me the wrong burger, so me and my sore foot headed back to get it replaced. On returning to the table I discovered Jenny had eaten over half my chips. This made me a bit angry, this anger was increased when unwrapping the replacement burger to discover it was also wrong.

I ate my remaining chips and the wrong burger.

I hobbled home.

I tried to have a nap while Oscar played in his room. I couldn’t get to sleep. My toe hurts.

I reckon it’s a broken toe.


Worst day ever. What an you do to help a broken toe, nothing.

I want chips.



I went to the Doctor today, who then sent me for x-rays.

Turns out I have fractured the toe and need to strap it to it’s neighbor for 6 – 8 weeks.

4 thoughts on “toe jam and chips!

  1. I am sorry you have such an unsympathetic wife. And a wife that enjoys physical comedy. Shame on me.

    Hope your toe is less sore soon.

    Have you had some panadol yet?

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