I met Bret

I came to NZ to do one thing and that was to meet Bret McKenzie.

As you probably know I won a charity auction with Oxfam NZ as part of their fair trade fortnight campaign to have a coffee with Bret.

So I booked some flights and a hotel and waited for confirmation of the exact time and place.

the noob (brother in law) decided to come along for the ride and so we flew over together on monday night to windy Wellington. I’ve been to Wellington a few times before and NZ several times. I love this country soo much.

Yesterday we did the tourist thing and pottered around the city, cablecar, ferry, walking around, searching fro free wifi.

Then today at lunch time I met Bret!!!

I wasn’t heaps sure what to expect, but I was pretty certain it would be a quick hello, good to meet you. then pose for a photo on that’s it. It was nothing like that.

Lynda (from Oxfam NZ) was waiting in the cafe when I arrived, we chatted for a bit and not long later Bret walked in with a guitar case slung over his shoulder, we stood up and greeted each other.

The chatting was easy and free flowing, we all laughed at each others jokes and told stories of our lives. After a while Bret asked if if we had eaten (no). So we ordered a few pizzas and kept chatting away. After one if his stories I made some joke and he laughed then followed it up with “I’m going to use that”. So pretty much I write for the Conchords now, please talk to my agent.

The pizza was eaten we kept chatting away, Bret has even offered to get me in to the Opera House gig in Sydney in July!!! He was the nicest easy going guy ever and it was a super afternoon. We ended up chatting away for about 2 hours and finished the time with some photos and the handing over of the guitar. (Which Bret had bought this morning from his favourite Wellington guitar store). It’s cool and signed by hime and Jermaine.

After a long lunch Bret had to go as Jermaine was texting him to get back to rehearsals for their tour which starts in a week or so.

So we parted ways and I was and am a very happy boy.

To celebrate noob and I went to Parliament house and watched some debating in the chamber. Nerds!

Tomorrow I’m coming home.


10 thoughts on “I met Bret

  1. That sounds awesome. So glad he is just as he seems he is! And no surprise he liked your material..I’m sure you held your own very well. Kind of disappointed though no-one broke into funky song about the pizza, or the favourite music store, or even parliament debates.. but oh well.

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