Yesterday was a good day, not that I really have bad days but yesterday was super good.

First up it was a Thursday which meant Gozleme for lunch which I always enjoy, especially as I walked near the stall and the lady said “Robert, One cheese and spinach”.

The day improved after lunch as Oscar headed to the inlaws for 2 nights. I’m sure it makes me look like a bad father saying my day improved because my son was taken away. But I don’t care respite is AWESOME!

After Oscars departure I headed to the city as we decided to stay in the city tonight as FOTC wasn’t going to finish till about 11 and we had no son so lets partay!

After a longer than usual trip to the city which included this announcement over the trains PA “This train will be delayed for some amount of time, thank you”.

I checked in to our small box with the air conditioning stuck on cold then waited for Jenny.

She arrived, we watched mythbusters and walked to the Opera house.

At the Opera House the lady said the door list had not been finalised yet so come back a bit later, so we had some dinner and returned. On return the door list was complete and it had my name on it… phew!

I had no idea what type of tickets they would be as the only instruction was to say my name was on the door list.

Turns out we had some pretty cool seats, 5 rows back, easy to see everything. Thanks Bret! We even had Andrew Denton and Jennifer Byrne in our row.

The show was Awesome! heaps of laughing out loud and enjoying their super musical abilities.

you are not allowed to take photos so pretend you didn’t see that last photo.

After the gig it was a wet walk back to the hotel with smiles on our faces and macces ice cream in our mouth holes.

Morning Glory

And pancakes from the best pancake machine ever (same as the one Noob and I had in our Hotel when I met Bret in NZ)

THANKS BRET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set list (if you care)

Too Many Dicks (on the dancefloor)
Robots (The Humans Are Dead)
Most Beautiful Girl
New song ā€“ Title unknown (closest guess is Pec Sex)
Think About It (Issues)
Hurt Feelings
1353 (Woo A Lady)
Bus Driver Song ā€“ sung in Australia
Inner City Pressure
Epilectic Dogs
Iā€™m Not Crying
Business Time
Demon Woman
Moving On
I Met A Girl (Over There)
Sugar Lumps

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