NO JUNK MAIL, this includes the Liberal Party!

We have 3 no junk mail stickers on our letterbox, but this was deposited today regardless.

A Liberal party flyer for the local elections highlighting the reckless spending of the current Mayor (a formal liberal party member, now independent)

It’s pretty dodgy, my favourite point is the green highlighted one that unfortunately sums up the area I live in.

$2 million to reduce Hornsby Council’s greenhouse gas emissions including a feasibility study on setting up a community owned ‘solar farm’ in Hornsby

To most in this area that would be seen as an outrage, to the 3 hippies that live in the shire, it’s bloody awesome. A community solar farm…spend more Mr Mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “NO JUNK MAIL, this includes the Liberal Party!

  1. Those bits of advertising are junk. There is never any context. I agree though, a community owned solar farm in Hornsby would be so awesome as well as better syringe exchange programs are always good too but yes I don’t imagine they’ll be getting a lot of support.

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