The stump

Most of you would know I do a bit of (unpaid) work for Black Stump.

I love it, this year I moved roles as I got fired from ticketing, I am now the Village Coordinator.

Basically I was like the Mayor of centre of the festival, although I had to unblock a clogged toilet, pretty sure Mayors don’t do that, or maybe the really good ones do.

Before the festival the role was recruiting all the stall holders, NGO’s and food vendors.

At the festival it was pretty much troubleshooting and accepting edible bribes from the food vendors.

I like stages and lights and stuff…

My little set up for the festival, not very interesting but I took a photo anyway

I love Black Stump too

I set up a live twitter feed in the Village Central tent. It was a nice idea but the computer turned off every 15 minutes.

Hoggy, The chairman and founder of Stump. He had to pay for his chips.

Howie the Mayor got his for free, several times.

The Belverdere Blues Band, containing a few buddies and lots of soul

Bribery Lane

I didn’t get to see many bands, but Cordial Factory was splendid

QUICK & THE DEAD!!!!!!!!!


All in all I had a super weekend at stump and I hope I can be involved for a very long time to come.

There was lots of stuff I wanted to see like Frasers show about his cancer and Jon Owen attempting comedy. But I wasn’t there to see stuff, I was there to eat chips and I think I did a splendid job at that.

Oh and for next year I’m seriously considering attempting a comedy gig.


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