I’m blue da ba dee

Yesterday I put a bunch of stuff on the chair at my desk. Some papers, a few pens etc.

I later moved the stuff so I could sit down but neglected to move one of the pens, It was at the back of the chair so if I sat down I wouldn’t be sitting on it.

I sat down and spent some time on my computer doing important work like watching some stuff on iview.

Jenny came in a bit later to help me clean up this room a bit as I had someone coming over in the afternoon to get some social media advice.

There we were cleaning away and suddenly jenny said ‘WHAT DID YOU SIT IN’

I was confused, what did she mean, anyway I dropped my pants and had a look at the back. There was 2 major blue splodges.

On closer inspection of the chair, the pen I had left there had leaked a puddle onto the chair and I had sat in that puddle.

I went upstairs in my undies and changed pants before returning to cleaning duties and normal daytime activities like eating, going to the toilet etc.

Just before bedtime I went to the toilet and noticed that there was some blue on the toilet seat, it looked chemical.

I tried to rub the blue off with toilet paper but it didn’t budge.

Then a bit later Jenny went to do her bed time routine and asked why the toilet seat was blue, I had no idea then simultaneously our brains clicked and let out an ‘ohhhh’

I turned around and Jenny confirmed the back of my undies was blue. Then for research purposes I dropped my undies and Jenny then confirmed that my bum was indeed blue as well and has been since much earlier in the day.

The moral to the story?

When trying to redecorate your bathroom don’t buy expensive marble, simply sit in ink and place your bare bum around the bathroom surfaces to create a genuine marble effect.


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