oh 12.

I’m pretty crap at blogging these days. But you already knew that.

Here is my review of 2012 through various camera lenses of mine.

Other stuff happened but this will do.

The year began with a little business class trip to Brisbane to visit Bowen

I spoke on a week long camp as the senior high speaker.

many trips to westie

many babycinos

I took Oscar to the Powerhouse Museum, when we left he said “I don’t like the Powerhouse Museum”

many many trips to the zoo

lots of hide and seek

looking hot

flying to NZ for the day with Tom

Christchurch sunset

Sydney sunset

building a trampoline in the dark the night before weeks of rain.

taking my Dad to Perth, he had the window seat

Under Fremantle jail

the BEST burger I have ever eaten. Missy Moos in South Freo

WA sunset

WA sunset 2

Meeting Fozzy at a FairTrade gig.

Oscar’s first burger

Flying to the NZ again…this time with Noob

Oh just me and Bret McKenzie after our 2 hour lunch

Me, Bret and a signed FOTC guitar

many many stalls at markets

the noobs made me a nephew, I made the nephew a bib

Bret gave me and Jenny tickets to the FOTC Opera House gig

Once the rain cleared, much jumping

Backyard cricket in the front yard

My desk at the Black Stump festival

Part of my job at Black Stump was managing the food vendors

On one of our several visits to Armidale we took a day out to visit Green Valley Farm.

Osc enjoying his room on a quick holiday in Canberra


Christmas photo

Possum in my house the night before the boy had his party.

The boy turned 4!


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