5 quaters

I have never really traveled alone before, but have wanted to for many many years.

I had my opportunity to do that the last 2 weeks and loved it. Of course I love traveling with others especially Tom and or Jenny. But being alone was super too.

The only real downside for me on this trip was that the writing on the US coins was way too small for me to be able to read with my broken eyes.

So every time I was given change with coins I had to keep them, I couldn’t use them to buy stuff because I had no idea what each one of them was worth. So I always paid for things with notes and card.

Pretty much everything I bought resulted in change including coins.

I off loaded some in those little charity tins on counters but not all of them

I brought home a plastic bag stocked full of coins.

I still have no idea how much I have.


My life is soo hard.

3 thoughts on “5 quaters

  1. The coins are designed to be different shapes and sizes and colours so that legally blind people can determine the difference between them. Of course if you are never taught which is which you’re stuffed. The notes are unfortunately pretty much the same size and colour in all amounts so the same is not true for them. Kinda silly really.

    • yep they are all different sizes and colours but that doesn’t help if there is no one to teach you which is what. It’s the same with aussie coins but I know what they all are from years of using them. The notes in the US had pretty clear writing though.

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