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Many years ago I organised a fun evening of transport fun. It was when Cityrail decided that their service was soo bad they had fair free day.

So some friends and I split in to two teams and tried to complete a bunch of silly challenges and tasks. I don’t remember heaps about the night, and talking to Tom he doesn’t remember much either. But we are sure it was fun. If no memorable.

Then in my time at a previous employer I organised 2 or 3 full day transport challenges. These days where for youth coming from different parts of Sydney. I never got to be a participant but I loved running them and setting the challenges etc. The youth and their leaders siad they where some of the best youth days the organisation had put on. I was pretty chuffed.

So many many years later and being inspired by the last few days of the March Photo Scav Hunt I decided it was time to run one again.

So I am.

Check it.


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