4 star child

Oscar has never been camping.

It was time to fix that and today was to be the day.

A beautiful sunny day.

After Oscar got home from mothers group we began putting the tent up.

The tent is best put up with 2 adults.

1 adult and 1 4yr old does not equal 2 adults in fact in terms of productivity it equals negative 5 adults.

It was a long process, not only did I have to answer a billion questions about every little thing i did, the amount of little things i had to do increased 65 fold due to little hands moving pegs, poles etc to different parts of the front yard because he was being ‘helpful’.

Thankfully 3/4 of the way through putting it up he got bored and went inside to begin sourcing items to put inside the tent. You know essential camping items like soft toy dolphins, dinosaurs, books, cars and a microphone.

Oscar brought these items out one by one whilst I fiddled with ropes and zippers.

Oscar was inside the tent when I placed the last peg in place holding the fly down.

As I took the last bang of the hammer on the peg it began to rain.

I dashed to the verandah, Oscar was inside the tent.

The rain got heavier and heavier and then it began to hail.

Like hell I was going back to the tent.

In between the loud dents of hail I could hear Oscar singing into his microphone and complaining about how loud he had to be because the rain was too loud.


He stayed in there an hour.

We went off to dinner at the inlaws and came back ready to sleep in the tent.

Everything was set, sleeping bags, torches, water bottles, soft dolphin.

We did our good night’s. Oscar wriggled in to his sleeping bag, I wriggled in to mine.

(it’s 7pm in case you are wondering).

Torch off, night night.

A few minutes later Oscar is out of his sleeping bag slowly undoing a tent zipper, I ask what he’s doing.

“Oh nothing”

He returns to his sleeping bag and we resume the quiet.

I begin to drift off to sleep.

Oscar begins to talk about the leaves falling on the tent, that he’s cold, that he’s too hot etc.

Eventually he is quiet again.

I am sooo close to asleep.

Then “Daddy my bed in my room is better, how about we do camping another night, maybe a Sunday”

Not wanting to do this all night I ask if he would like to stop camping and go inside to his room.

“yes please”

So we gather up pillows and stuff and head back inside. (It is now 7:32pm)

Straight in to his bed and asleep instantly.

The poor dolphin is out there alone.

32 minutes of camping.

I hope he isn’t like his mother who doesn’t do camping and doesn’t even do below 4 star…

I love camping and I love 4 star.


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