noodle king

Tonight I went up to our local noodle outlet to get some of their delights.

I ordered the BBQ box and a Vegie noodle soup.

The lady said it would be $18.

I flashed some plastic and headed towards the eftpos machine and stood their waiting for her to join me. (the eftpos machine is on a different part of the counter).

She eventually came over and inserted my card then walked off, never to return again.

After waiting a few minutes I decided to just do the transaction myself. I entered the amount, selected the account type, put in my pin.

It processed …..

Then asked if I wanted to print a merchant receipt, I said yes.

then a customer receipt, yes again. the 5 staff working the wok’s never looked over.

I saw they had a spike for merchant receipts so I stuck it on and waited for my food.

My food was ready, they called my number. I left.

Customer of the year.

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